Monday, August 27, 2007

Alex Svoboda is home! Yesterday there was a large rally in North Providence, RI.

I don't have the ability to post photo's, but my guess is they can be found at the site.

Ethan keeps asking me: What's a wobbly !? If anyone can send me any good links, I'll be grateful.

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Thomas Kalinowski said...

From the Wikipedia article "Wobbly lingo":

Wobbly (Sometimes shortened to "Wob")
A nickname of unknown origin for a member of the Industrial Workers of the World. Many believe "wobbly" refers to a tool known as a "wobble saw." One often repeated anecdote has it that a sympathetic Chinese restaurant owner in Vancouver would extend credit to IWW members and, unable to pronounce the "W", would ask if they were a member of the "I Wobble Wobble." Another explanation is that the term was first used pejoratively by San Francisco Socialists around 1913 and adopted by IWWs as a badge of honor. In any case, the nickname has existed since the union's early days and is still used today.