Friday, December 14, 2007

Grace P. laughing at Nomi?

When I left the Cranston ( RI ) Library yesterday, there were, in fact, many many flakes of snow. Less than an inch to be sure, but parts of the state were eventually covered in up to 15" of snow.

RI Future, one of the sites below, has an article about the problems with the roads, the lack of clarity from city and state leaders. The lieutenant governor did not know the Gov. was still in Iraq (or en route home).

Some kids were stranded on school busses for 10 hours.

That's not funny, but the joke was on my disbelief in the storm...

Champ Starr, husband of Lisa, Poet Laureate, reports that Block Island had 41 degree mph winds, but only 2" snow, with a crust.

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