Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Providence Public Library Plans to Slash Children's Services

Please visit the site below for The Library Reform Group to read about the proposed elimination of 7 Child Life Specialists who work in the neighborhood branches.

There is an unpleasant saga of the increasing privatization of this "public" library and the lack of consensus on the management of resources and provision of services.

What is amazing is that people all over the state have united to advocate for the library itself & the rights of the workers to unionize (they did).

I have attended meetings where children, elders and middle-aged folks (myself on good days) sat, listened and agreed with each other. This library, in its entirety, is loved by many people. People from many other corners of the state are comfortable with and use the branches. We attend story hours, borrow books, use the computers, learn English...

No matter where you live, your opinions are important. Please contact the Providence Public Library and Mayor David Cicilline to let them know that these workers are not a luxury item. Funds must be raised and allocated for these branches.

I will post more links and respond to any emails or comments about this. Thank you in advance, my dear handful of visitors.


Eileen Spillane said...

Dear Nomi,
I like the blog.
Libraries are a lot like schools. Everybody loves them, but funding them...
What a loss the child specialists will be. So sad. Prov. Library has certainly had its share of woes lately.

Nomi said...

Thank you, Eileen, your blog inspires me and has since its birth!

Every year the Administration proposes unacceptable changes and there are figurative and literal rallies in defense...

Some day we'll meet; I know it!

Nancy Green said...

between the city and the state cuts we are really up against it. what can we do in the new year to remedy this?

eileen said...

Politicans pay attention to voters - the more the merrier! Group together & advocate. Write letters, phone, go to town/city/state meetings. Use petitions, sign-up new voters who agree, pass out informational leaflets.
All this stuff works, but slowly- gov't doesn't always react quickly. Support/encourage candidates for public office.
The good news is that it's a big-time election year. If ever change is to come, this is the time to go for it. Remember, it's OUR government. They really can't do much without our backing.
Try a picket line. Imagine teens, parents, library workers, and moms with baby carriages demostrating with signs. Believe me, no library board wants to see that (and I've served on a library board).
Nomi: Thanks. I know that we'll meet!