Monday, February 4, 2008

Comedy Show to Support the Hurley Workers

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This morning I returned from New Haven (Connecticut!) and still feel somewhat out of touch with the status of the workers ( and , in fact, most of RI).

Thanks to facebook, I learned about a fundraiser this Wednesday:

Thanks to google, I found a blog with clear Labor sympathy, and no less devotion to Comics and the "Decadence of Student life". (Sometimes I miss those days. )

I just finished Marta Acosta's Happy Hour At Casa Dracula. The writing struck me as a cross between Sara Paretsky and Jennifer Weiner, but the action is not in Philadelphia or Chicago, but in California (what parts I can't really say).


Anonymous said...

There is a book called The Respectable Murderers by Paul Hanly Furfey, a noted sociologist, priest and scholar who worked for many years at the Catholic University of America. The book asserts that we all must do what we can for social justice -- or become what Hanly Furfey calls respectable murderers.

If we do not do what we can to help the Hurley janitors, we are nothing less than the title of Hanly Furfey's book. It should be noted that Hanley Furfey won the Pax Christie award in 1980, the year that the president of Providence College graduated from this wonderful institution.

Nice blog! Keep up the good work.

-- PC Alums for Social Justice

Anonymous said...

Wow, wish I could go to the comedy show.

I've read some of Paul Hanly Furfey's work. It's awesome.

Another one of those...
...PC Alums for Social Justice

Anonymous said...

Didn't Paul Hanly Furfey work with Dorothy Day?

I don't think this sort of unfair labor practice would be tolerated in Washington, DC. I wonder if it will be discussed at the conference that is going on down there right now. Something to do with a meeting of college presidents of private colleges.

Support the Hurley Workers, support the comeday show!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't PC using workers who are being treated unfairly just like Kathy Lee Gifford using child labor to have clothing made for her company?

Anonymous said...

A Catholic college bans the Vagina Monologues, saying they are not in line with Catholic mores....and yet allows unfair wage and labor practices to continue on its own property?????????????????????????

Providence College rocks. Sounds like who ever signs the contracts is sleeping under one. Sleeping under a rock, that is.

Anonymous said...

I continue to hope
that the comedy show is a success and that much money is raised to help the workers.

Get as many people as you can to go. It's really important.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the college just likes to have a big controversy every so often, just to bring attention to the college. You know, kind of like the publicity stunts of Hollywood. Maybe this lack of support by the top PC brass is simply a stunt to help elevate the PC name in any way possible.

Didn't the college get known two years ago for banning the Vagina Monologues? Now, it is getting known for this.

Probably someone thinks its a good idea since there isn't much press about the basketball team since it isn't doing very well.

On to the comedy show. We can all use some laughs. And we all need to show our support.

-- T.J.