Monday, February 25, 2008

Nomi Wins a Grab Bag of Decency !

Homeland Decency Sun, Feb 24, 2008 at 4:28 PM
Congratulations, Nomi. You are this week's winner of the Grab Bag of

There were many entries with the correct answers. What made us select
you, even though your name seems foreign and somewhat unHomelandy, were
your very decent comments and observations about libraries, The New York
Times, and, of course, Roger Clemens, one of our favorites.

Included in this week's Grab Bag of Decency is a Department of Homeland
Decency Refrigerator magnet so that you and those closest to you will
always be reminded of the importance of decency; a book mark to mark
your favorite passages in the Decency Rules and Regulations Manual; and
an autographed photograph of Mrs. Sharon Flue, the Department's
temporary volunteer ambassador of decency.

However, we need to know where to send the Grab Bag of Decency. Please
send us an address and this wonderful prize will be in the next day's
mail to you. We hope soon to know all these things about everyone. But
until we get Congress giving us the right to snoop on everyone all the
time for no reason whatsoever, we need to ask for an address.

Thank you for being decent. It's the right way to live!

The Department of Homeland Decency.\

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