Monday, February 11, 2008

RI's First Lady Said WHAT?!

This matter has been addressed first in Charlie [M. Charles] Bakst's January 27, 2008 column in the Providence Journal, and then in and, et alia. I wish to add my horror at the ongoing insensitivity, and, yes: racism, shown by RI's governor and his wife. It is troubling enough for Gov. Carcieri to eliminate interpreters for Southeast Asian Rhode Islanders, but Sue Carcieri said the following about two young adults who criticized the governor's actions.

"First of all they have mentors who are much older than them who are training them up. You know -- how those terrorists have kids blow up, you know, Benazhir Bhutto and so forth? You think the kids thought of it? I don't think so."

Well, anyone can say something stupid, but she has been given ample opportunity to apologize and, in stead, has made statements defending her words repeatedly. If she owns up to the possibility that her affection for her husband had impeded her perspective, she might receive some sympathy.

Sixteen and seventeen year olds are capable of leadership.
Here is the website for the organization of these young people,

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Nancy Green said...

i went to the press conference that was organized so the students could be heard. they are providence high school kids who want to speak to their governor. frightening, isn't it. the gov could act macho parading around iraq but he won't talk to his own constituents.