Thursday, May 8, 2008

Memo to the Providence Journal: Argentina & The Dominican Republic Are Different Countries

In Section D of today's Providence Journal, there is an article: "City registrar charged with domestic assault".

The two people involved are described as, "...prominent members of the Dominican community..."

Delia Rodriguez-Masjoan was, "raised in Cordoba, Argentina," according to many sources, including (!) The Providence Journal.


Ted said...

One can be Argentinian and a prominent member of the Dominican community; Delia was the grand marshal of the 19th annual Dominican festival.

Nomi said...

I agree with you.
Are you the Ted of Lagniappe fame?
If not let me know if you have a blog to which I might post a link, thanks!

Thank you for commenting; I hope that someday there will be many more comments. Also thanks for the link...