Friday, May 30, 2008

relive childhood fears --no, have fun & Love Libraries

Not About The Buildings

This event is promising. I am a very good speller. I can spell words I've only seen once and which I certainly cannot define or use correctly. This is one of the benefits of studying Latin for six years.

Richard Walton's birthday celebration/fundraiser for Amos House and the Providence-Niquinohomo Sister Cities Project is this coming Sunday afternoon. It is a potluck, but don't let that stop you from showing up. And there is no set amount of donation expected. Usually there are dogs and babies, sometimes baby dogs and one year baby bunnies.

There is always music. Music from some of those present. And ice cream.

The social justice night at AS220 two nights ago was amazing. I had to leave when it was barely half over, but was able to sign a few petitions, see many unfamiliar faces, see dear Alex Svoboda, and several Library Reformers, long-haired men, short-haired women, people with only facial hair or with none! Hearing about different groups working in parallel ways for justice and health care and civil rights...was inspiring. Many of the groups I link to below ( "missing links") were represented. Some folks don't use the internet. Imagine!

Thank you, friends, for that evening and all the labor that went into it...La Lucha Continua.

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