Monday, June 2, 2008

PROVERBS by Grace Paley in Fidelity (2008)


A person's anger should be respected
even when it isn't shared

a person's happiness should be shared
even if isn't understood

a person should be understood ,,, though
he has brought both his brows together
in anger and also suddenly begun to laugh

a person should be in love most of
the time ,, this is the last proverb
and may be learned by all the organs
capable of bodily response


Nomi said...

I am sorry to have inserted the commas, but I knew of no other way to honor the original spacing...please send me suggestions -- either here in the comments or by email or if you are Jennifer or Tom, and can fix this , I would be very grateful...

Dave von Ebers said...

Excellent post.

Funny how anger, whether or not it's justified, is essentially the last social and political taboo. You can be racist, sexist, anti-Semetic, homophobic ... hell, you can be a damn conservative, fer Chrissakes ... but angry? Nope. Never. That's the one thing you cannot do.

Jeez, and I bought all them Clash records back in the 1980s, too. How was I to know?

Dave von Ebers said...

(Dammit all. I know it's spelled "anti-Semitic." Is it Friday yet?)

nancy green said...

Nomi, site is looking good. Thanks for you post on Kmareka, we always love to hear from you.
And I will carry a torch for Grace P. forever.