Monday, June 2, 2008

PROVERBS by Grace Paley in Fidelity (2008)


A person's anger should be respected
even when it isn't shared

a person's happiness should be shared
even if isn't understood

a person should be understood ,,, though
he has brought both his brows together
in anger and also suddenly begun to laugh

a person should be in love most of
the time ,, this is the last proverb
and may be learned by all the organs
capable of bodily response


Nomi said...

I am sorry to have inserted the commas, but I knew of no other way to honor the original spacing...please send me suggestions -- either here in the comments or by email or if you are Jennifer or Tom, and can fix this , I would be very grateful...

Anonymous said...

Excellent post.

Funny how anger, whether or not it's justified, is essentially the last social and political taboo. You can be racist, sexist, anti-Semetic, homophobic ... hell, you can be a damn conservative, fer Chrissakes ... but angry? Nope. Never. That's the one thing you cannot do.

Jeez, and I bought all them Clash records back in the 1980s, too. How was I to know?

Anonymous said...

(Dammit all. I know it's spelled "anti-Semitic." Is it Friday yet?)

nancy green said...

Nomi, site is looking good. Thanks for you post on Kmareka, we always love to hear from you.
And I will carry a torch for Grace P. forever.