Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sabiduria Oxlajuj Noj: Out of Hardship Came Strength and Hope

I belong to the Massachusetts Immigrant And Refugee Advocacy (MIRA) Coalition. This post includes an excerpt from email they sent me (2 days ago). If the link, doesn't work in this post, I will add it below or to another post soon.
Sabiduria Oxlajúj Noj: Out of Hardship Came Strength and Hope
On March 6, 2007, the largest immigration raid in Massachusetts' history sent chaos and confusion throughout the halls of a New Bedford textile factory. The raid resulted in the detention of over 350 workers, many of Guatemalan decent, in Texas, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. The last of these workers was finally released from detention in March 2008. As the ensuing months of fear and uncertainty gripped the New Bedford Guatemalan community - and the immigrant population as a whole - a group of five courageous women pulled together to form a sewing collective called Sabiduria Oxlajúj Noj, which translates to the artistic connotation of the thirteenth day of the Mayan calendar. Since its formation, Sabiduria Oxlajúj Noj has produced beautiful and intricately detailed children's clothing and women's handbags. Please visit to view products and get in touch with Sabiduria Oxlajúj Noj. Comments, collaborators, and business/marketing suggestions are warmly welcomed.
Tomorrow is the AIDS Walk in Rhode Island, sponsored by AIDS Project Rhode Island, an organization which I have enormous respect for. Years ago, I never failed to walk or volunteer (often, for some reason, standing on a street corner)...but there is so much happening that pulls me in different directions...

This blogs readers are mostly, I believe, not in Rhode Island, but no matter where you are, you can find an AIDS Service Organization to support.
On my list of "missing links" below, there is APRI's link. It has wonderful information within.
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