Monday, July 7, 2008

"Governor [of RI] to Appear on the O'Reilly Factor"

Rhode Island's Governor Don Carcieri continues to promote his "Executive order on illegal immigration" which might be better titled, "Ill-thought out order on Executive immigration".

According to an email I received today: Tonight will be his appearance.

Has he nothing better to do with his time?

If he wants to campaign for national office, why not simply say so.

I cannot understand how anyone can call himself "pro-life" and eliminate health care from people, and encourage excessive prosecutions of workers, and deportations of parents, et cetera.

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spectral_ev said...

i thought i heard on public radio this morning that Carcieri and O'Reilly were joking about arresting Mayor Cicciline for obstructing Carcieri's illegal immigrant crusade.