Thursday, July 17, 2008

La Lucha Continua and Small World Stories

The Providence Journal reports that 70 people rallied yesterday, in front of Providence's 'Garrahy' Building [family court,etc.] supporting the 31 arrested.[see my amber alert of 7/17]

I will try to post the link soon.

Please visit the Rhode Island Future website

the site for Ocean State Action

for updates.

On a cheerful note: I had occasion to speak with 2 women in two departments of a giant pharmaceutical company. No need to give any advertising to this company. The women were in Pennsylvania and Missouri.

The second woman, Judy and I began talking about baseball. I have few opportunities to speak with anyone from that area, so naturally I ask questions about the St. Louis Cardinals. Judy's affection for her team was powerful. She shared that her brother John ( # 41, RHP) played for them for two years.

If he played against the Mets at Shea, I might have been in attendance...


Karen in Pennsylvania has the last name "Sherlock". She did not realize that a wonderful man named Paul Sherlock advocated and legislated for RI's children with special needs for many years...His name is revered and his death was mourned by many.

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