Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Message from Martha (AFSC, New England) on the Immigration Raids

Greetings Friends

Many of you have followed the news of the immigration raids in Rhode
Island recently. 31 people were apprehended in the most recent one,
which means 31 families are suddenly without income. Heroic efforts
have been made to locate people (ICE moves them often, making the task
more difficult) and get lawyers and bonds posted. Several are getting
out of jail this week, joining the 12 who have already been released.
Most are monitored constantly and all are prohibited from working. The
earliest court date that I have seen is in September, which means there
is an extended financial crisis for many families.

However you feel about immigration, I hope you will both support people
in this country, however they got here, having due process (many of the
individual situations are complex) and humane treatment. In addition,
there are families in need of assistance. They need money to cover rent
and utilities, food assistance (rice, beans, milk, meat, vegetables,
fruit, tortias, etc) and household products (shampoo, toilet paper,
diapers, soap, etc). I write asking you to do what you can to collect
supplies and deliver them to St Teresa's Church in Olneyville (on Manton
Ave up the hill, toward Atwells) or to send funds. Make checks payable
to English for Action, PO Box 29405, Providence RI 02909 with the words
COMMUNITY EMERGENCY FUND in the memo. EFA is a non-profit, so
donations are tax deductible. If you want your gift to remain anonymous
please add a note to that effect. You can also deposit money directly
at any Citizens Bank to account #00163005 by visiting any branch office.

There also may be need for assistance with transportation. Many folks
are unable to drive, which makes getting to appointments with attorneys
or court a challenge. Please call Shannah Kurland if you are able to
volunteer driving. Spanish nice but not necessary. 439-0518.

Thanks Martha

Martha Yager


33 Chestnut St.

Providence RI 02903


Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still
dark. Rabindranath Tagore

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