Friday, July 11, 2008

Thank You Wherever You Are.

Thank you Marsha Z. West.

Thank you Harold Rogovin

Thank you Grace Paley.

* * * * * * * * * **

I am so grateful for the folks associated with this blog.

The greenest contributor is spectral_ev. There is a lovely list of commenters and linkers...and I am appreciative of Anonymous.

Richard, Ted, Daniel, Tom Kalinowski, Sr. Democommie[please forgive the lack of umlauts,et al.], Nancy, Eileen ( Happy Birthday!!), Robert, Alan, Bugzita, Bukko in Australia, and the names which escape me, the friends of Providence College workers and students, the person who wrote at length about the history of Puerto Rico...I will amend this list.

When I look at the "recent visitors" of this blog, I am fascinated.

Thank you, Vern Radul(of OOIBC) and Luke(of socialjusticenights) and Matt (RI Future) and Mike Kellogg of Word Reference fame.

Thank you Dnaz,(of many names), Ashok, Rueben Drone, Dave von E., Max, Johnny Pez, Kiersten, Carl (simply left behind). Grazie Megan.

Thank you Mysterious Terablogger and all relations.

Thank you dear Isaac for trying to visit when I sent you the wrong address, and Esther for looking at my attempt to post the photo of Tillie and Ethan...

Nora, your email inspired me.

And, without General J. C. Christian would any of us be here?

My wit is paltry and plebeian in the General's world, yet he introduces me to the Satirical Salvation, sweeter than wine. (apologies to the Weavers...)


Anonymous said...

Thank you, too Nomi!

Even for a Mets fan, you totally rock. My Cubs, by the way, are 55-37. Just sayin’.

Nomi said...

Yeah, but why did they have to start with the night games!!??

I could live happily with the Cubs in the Series. ( and the ChiSox)...

Ashok said...

If you need help with anything blog-wise, just ask - I'm not too sure of how things work myself, but am happy to help out.

Thanks for mentioning me!

Anonymous said...


This is the severalest time you have thanked me and I do little but play the fool at the General's place and some others.

I fear that is necessary because if my inner frenchman, Charles (pronounced "Shhhharrrlzzzzzzzz" were ever to be given full voice it would be vive la this and merde that.

Thank you too much. I must send you some poetry--it's old, but so am I, and we're both still beautiful--oh yeah, so are the poems.


Nancy Green said...

thank you Nomi for your fine blog, not to mention all the good things you do in your day job. thank you for letting me contribute. and thank you for not squishing the spider.