Thursday, August 14, 2008

Governor Carcieri's Hispanic Advisory Commision Resigns


Eight members of the Governor's Hispanic Advisory Commission will announce their resignation at a press conference this Friday, August 15th at 11:30 in the Governor's Room at the State House.

Recently, there have been decisions and policies enacted by Governor Carcieri that have hurt the immigrant and Latino community, the most recent being the raids in the Rhode Island state courthouses. This has instigated eight members of the commission to resign.

The commissioners feel that since the commission was re-activated last year, Governor Carcieri has failed to consider the input or feedback of the commission and its members. Originally, the commission's purpose was to serve as an advisory group capable of voicing the Rhode Island Latino community's concerns. "At the onset we felt that the Governor created the commission in order to build a community effort as we navigate the issues that affect the Latino community of Rhode Island, but that has not been the case," states Jennie Rosario, President and Co-Chair of the commission.

The commission has organized this press conference because they recognize that the Rhode Island Latino community deserves an explanation. "All of us are invested in the Rhode Island Latino community, and we would have eagerly embraced the opportunity to advise the governor and his staff on issues important to Latinos, but we were not given this opportunity," says Jaime Aguayo, a member of the commission.

Looking to the future, Commissioner Bruno Sukys says, "The state of Rhode Island needs to look for solutions to our problems in a sensitive way by working together. Even though the commission was unable to contribute to this effort, my peers and I are hopeful that we will be able to create a new, more effective political forum for Latinos in Rhode Island."

The resigning members are Jaime Aguayo, Jorge F. Cardenas,, Juan Garcia, Mario Mancebo, Elida Picard, Magdalena Picot, Jennie Rosario, and Bruno J. Sukys.


Bukko_in_Australia said...

We need help from the Aussie crowd in tamping down the invasion of Illegals in Rhode Island!

The way Aussies tamp down on the illegals problem here is to have this place surrounded by oceans. Why isn't that being done in your state? It's called an ISLAND, isn't it?

Nomi said...

The full name is:
"The State of Rhode Island and the Providence Plantations" and there is controversy over the 'Plantaions' part...

sweet bukko, thank you for visiting and chiming in!

I like your blogs.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Plantations? There ya go! How can you have plantations without slaves? I mean, migrant workers... It's so much easier with them than slaves, because when you're done with 'em, just deport 'em back where they came from. The Confederates couldn't even do that with slaves. They coulda learnt a few things from corporate Republicans, those Johnny Rebs.

Anonymous said...


How did this asshole get elected, were the good people of the state asleep. What a complete shithead. Thank GOD that our former governor only screwed women for hire instead of an entire demographic.


Nancy Green said...

I'm still sorry that Charlie Fogarty lost the last election. He would have made a much better governor.