Saturday, August 23, 2008

How Many Homes Must A Man Know He Has...?

None of Your Business
(originally posted on Jesus' General inspirational spot)

how many homes must a man know he has
to know that he has a lot of homes
yes 'n how many pools must a man have to fill
before he drains the rio grande
the answer, my friends, is none of your business
the answer is none of your business

how many footprints must a man leave behind
carbon is what i have in mind
yes 'n how many keys must a man carry 'round
before he sounds like jacob fucking marly in charles dickens "a christmas carol" where jacob's ghost has a bunch of chains going "rattle-rattle" to show scrooges what he had forged in his life, link by link...what song was i doing here?

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I encourage everyone to visit MortalJive's brilliant blog:

This song applies not only to John McWhatshisName but to Rhody's own, Don Carcieri.


Nancy Green said...

they say it's good for your health to laugh out loud. you undid a lot of bad health karma with that one.

Nancy Green said...

NPR's Unger Report had a great segment about 'Real Estate Amnesia Syndrome'