Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Joe Biden -- Rhode Island Connections -- Pop Quiz!

Dear Readers,

Rhode Island (with or without Providence Plantations) is an Important State. We are a famous unit of measurement.

We are international leaders in the Field of Corruption.

We offer shiploads of culinary treasures, not leastly coffee milk and frozen lemonade and quahog delicacies.

Our very own Governor Don Carcieri forgets to pay his Florida real estate taxes, but that proves his Republican bona fides.

It is therefore no surprise that our Future Vice President, Joey Biden (hey, if his Mom can call him that, well it's good enough for me)has more than one Special Rhode Island Bonds of Affection and Heritage.

But, dear readers, I am desperate for comments or emails, so I will offer a Prize (maybe PrizeS) to those who can IDentify at least 2 (two) of these Connections.
My email is msnomir at gmail dot com. I am on facebook as Nomi Hurwitz (not Naomi in England and not Nomi Teplow in Israel.) Actually I have 2 other email addresses and if all those medical enhancement people can find me, then surely one or two of you can too.

Relatives and Contributors to this blog are, of course, ineligible, for any Prize, but Comments or Posts on this Topic are welcome.

With fondness for all,

Nomi (MsNomir and even occassionally, TonksLupin)

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