Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The difference between "us" and "them"

Good Morning, Nomi:

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The difference between us (honest, decent, caring humans) and "them" (reichwing KKKristians) is that even though many of us are not christians--or, in fact, have no faith in a god of any sort--we are moral and reasonable folks.

This latest wrinkle in the GOP's pandering to the GODibanic fundamentalists is merely a logical extension of their continual drift to the extreme right. While it appears that Sarah Palin has little or no experience in any area that would be crucial to her governance in the (all too) likely event that she would inherit John McCain's job when he strokes out or dies of melanoma, it does not, in the minds of her rabid followers disqualify her from having that job.

To that end, the RNC and the McCain campaign have used their dollars to attack the Obama candidacy with innuendo and outright lies, while attempting to deflect legitimate criticism of both McCain and Palin. Sarah Palin's handlers are, in fact, only making her available to media personalities (calling them journalists would be an insult to those who are) who will treat her favorably.

I have read numerous posts and comments urging Senator Obama and his campaign to fight fire with fire. Would that they could. I think there is something about having character, a conscience and a gag reflex that, unfortunately preclude that sort of swinish behavior.

For that reason I am announcing, here, that I will be available for that duty. I have virtually no scruples re: doing or saying whatever it takes to wake people the fuck up. Send me you tired accusations, your poorly researched indictments and your wretched truthiness, yearning to be spewed. I will do what I can to disseminate it. Oh, send me some truth, too, it helps to confuse the issue.


Nancy Green said...

Jeeze, you'd think they'd have a commandment against bearing false witness.

Nomi said...

Sweet demo,

You have no idea how honored I am to be associated with you.\

I fixed the link in your post! a miracle of technological learning on my part.

Of course I will add you to one or all of my link lists post haste, also to my BlogNetwork on facebook...

Fondly in the Walt Whitman~~Mark Twain~~Emma Goldman~~Molly Ivins~~Spirit of LoveActivism,

Nomi (msnomir, and sometimes: TonksLupin)