Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Jailing Journalists In Minnesota (U.S.A. or EE/UU)

My friend Claire sent me this video.

Claire is a more level-headed person than I am. Our families spent summers together in Vermont. In fact, her family's discovery of Farm and Wilderness ( I'll add a link later)is something I will always be grateful for.

This is serious, and far more worthy of attention than the ways Sarah Palin reminds me of Dan Quayle. Or how much I would like ( but not expect) Michael Palin to be in High Office in this (or any) country.


Nancy Green said...

this is outrageous.

libhom said...

Jailing journalists is truly disturbing.

Anonymous said...


As I asked over at the General's blog; do the FBI and their surrogates think that they need to give Amy Goodman more reason to go after them? Or are they planning on keeping her and everyone else who thinks like her on ice until after the election.

If Obama wins, his first action should be to require letters of resignation from every Bushco appointee, or just shitcan them. The intelligence(?) community and DoJ, in particular, need to be rearranged.

Anonymous said...


that was mine.