Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rites And Reason Waterfire Seeks Actors For Sept. 27.

We can extend our deadline to hear from actors until Tuesday, to make sure that R and R actors have an opportunity to take part in this important event, honoring the memory of Rhett Jones and marking the 200th Anniversary of the abolition of the Transatlantic slave trade on Saturday, September 27th.

We are particularly short of male actors right now, but would be
delighted to hear from anyone interested in taking part.

The actors will be given a series (8-10) of one-minute texts to
memorize and perform for the thousands of people at WaterFire,
accompanied by a flaming torch. The texts are a combination of real and dramatized pieces about slavery and abolition, and the actors will be scattered throughout the event, before returning to a set place to deliver all of their texts as a final closing spectacle.

There will be one rehearsal, at a mutually agreed time; otherwise, the actors need to make sure that they are available on Saturday September 27th, between 6pm and 10pm. Anyone interested should get in touch with me directly asap.

I've enclosed the long description of the event. We'd be honored to have Rites and Reason performers among our group. Also, we're still looking for a director for this section; if you know of someone who might be interested, do let me know.

With all best wishes, and thanks again


For More Information: http://www.rihumanities.org/

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