Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thank You Family.

I cried less than I expected during the 5 days in South Carolina; mostly there were tears of joy. Eric Steven Richardson passed away last June, but the love among family members is wide and strong, and it's a large family. I met the three brothers I've heard so much about, and a Step-brother, and a Brother from Omega (you know who you are!) and many cousins, Sisters, uncles, aunts, ministers, deacons, neighbors. Thank you Zion Canaan Baptist Church for the food for spirit and body. The baked chicken is more popular than the fried!

I thank every single person who hugged Ethan and me. Every person who smiled.

The day we arrived, I managed to destroy two (more?) tourist shot glasses in the Columbia airport, and was calculating the bite out of my wallet, and the kind people said, don't you even think about paying for them! That is not a response I imagine from any body in New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, or Massachusetts...

Perhaps the oldest relative I met was: Ms Lillian Hockaday(??)Jones, Eric's Great Aunt, Ethan's Great Great Aunt, 88 years young, who traveled from North Carolina to be present.

Thank you to the Many in the Northeast who supported and encouraged this Trip in myriad ways, not leastly the Blogging Team here...

Thank You, Creators!


Bugzita said...


Dear Nomi,

So glad it was a good trip for you, even as you shed tears. Hope Ethan found a whole new circle of family.

Death seems to bring people together in an oddly good ways.

Lots of hugs,



democommie said...


Welcome home, what Bugz said.

Richard said...

I hate to think of you crying, but it's good you were able to feel the love of your family.

Dexter Richardson said...

Nomi it was good to meet you and Ethan for the first time in person. We talked so many times in person that I felt that I already knew you. Thanks for being a part of the service to honor my brother Eric.


Dexter Richardson