Sunday, October 19, 2008

Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama

Today, I watched Meet the Press, and had the opportunity to hear and see Colin Powell endorse Barack Obama. In listening to his conversation with Tom Brokaw, Powell was very thoughtful in his reflections saying that both Obama and McCain were qualified to be president. However, Powell admitted he was disappointed in recent weeks with the tone of McCain's campaign, as well his belief that McCain would carry out the same Republican policies.

Powell also felt that Obama is an inspiring and transformational figure (loosely quoting Powell). He said that Obama is presidential material, and will surround himself would good people. Colin Powell also felt that it is time for a new generation to lead. I agree with him wholeheartedly, especially as it relates to helping to restore America's image and place in the world. I know that some people are excited about Powell's endorsement, but others' don't feel the same because they believe he dropped the ball on the Iraq situation. I also had someone tell me that he dropped the ball on the Granada situation as well. I believe overall that even if Colin Powell helps Barack get over the hump in the presidential election just a little bit, his endorsement is well worth it.

What benefit(s) will Barack Obama gain from Colin Powell's endorsement?

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