Monday, October 13, 2008

Dean Smith Former UNC Basketball Coach Endorses Barack Obama

I just read that Dean Smith the former head basketball coach at the University of North Carolina is endorsing Barack Obama. Although, on the back of Smith's biography John McCain is one of three people who write glowing remarks about Dean Smith. Dean states that he has a lot of respect for what John McCain has done for this country, but he believes that Barack Obama is the one capable of leading the United States at this time. Dean Smith said that this is not the time to stand on the sidelines. It is important to remember that Dean Smith has been a man who has helped to set a more positive tone regarding race and equality in his corner of the world by letting it be known that he would not eat at places where his players of color were not welcome. Dean Smith represents the things that are right about America. His endorsement of Obama could be significant in the state of North Carolina where polls show Obama with a 1% lead over McCain. North Carolina tends to vote Republican when it comes to the President of the United States. The last time that North Carolina voted Democrat for the presidency was 1976.


Anonymous said...


Will it be after the election that we finally find out what sort of person McCain really is.

He's not a war hero; he's not honest; he's not principled. I'm not sure what's left in the way of stuffing.


Anonymous said...

I have personally met both Dean Smith and John McCain. First, let me say I voted for Obama. Now let me say that you are a Bi-partisan, hate-spewing... moron. How can you say that he is not a war hero. No one on either side of politics disagrees with that! People like you give the rest of reasonable thinking democrats a bad wrap.

democommie said...

Anonymous@4:24 AM:

I'm a hate-spewing moron?

I don't know Dean Smith, but most folks say he's a good basketball coach, beyond that I can't comment on him.

McCain is an opportunist, a PRISONER OF WAR (not a war hero) and a lying sack of crap. He ditched his first wife when it suited him. He put his political ambition before his country by selecting Sarah Palin (who is becoming, increasingly, a major source of embarassment to the GOP). He's a bum. And you're an idiot if you think meeting someone means you know them. You need heroes to worship? There are many better than McCain--who do not use their wartime experience as a tool.