Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Birthday, democommie !!

Well, I may have missed it or it may be tomorrow or Sunday or even next week, but why limit our recognition to one day?

Dear democommie, a beloved contributor to this blog and commentator on many, and YES: the author and proprietor of his own, POLRANT: IF BEING A DECENT HUMAN BEING WERE EASY THE REICHTARDS WOULD HAVE FIGURED IT OUT LONG AGO
is celebrating a birthday !

And the francosphere (as General JC Christian calls it) has reason to rejoice!

Dear demo, I hope this week brings you joy and peace and hope. There are many of us on the internet tubez enjoying your wit and wisdom...Thank you.


Nancy Green said...

have some cake and ice cream

democommie said...


As Sally Fields once said, "They like me, they really like me!". I had much fun on saturday evening, sitting in nice restaurant and bar, listening to jazz and knowing that I was celebrating alone, because I would rather die than have a bunch of people I don't know singing happy birthday. I got a card from my favorite lady in the world (unfortunately, she's also my best friend's wife). My youngest, craziest bro called me last evening to wish me a "Happy"--that means more to me than I can really say. He and I have had many bad moments but he is, despite his being permanently pissed off (he makes me look mellow) a very decent man.

Okay, I'm back to work on my house.


Nancy Green:

Not some cake, dear, the whole frikkin' thing! All cakes are single serving.

Nancy Green: