Friday, October 10, 2008

Marriage Equality Reaches Connecticut

Matt Jerzyk posted the Connecticut Supreme Court Decision on RI Future. Check it out!

This is what we need in Rhode Island.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nomi,

Do I know you? Are you Nomi from Travel?

If so, small world.

Nomi said...

Travel? It's possible in an obscure way; if "Travel" is a place or a service, probably not, but thanks for visiting -- I like your blog!

Small world, definitely...

democommie said...

heartbreaktown & Nomi:

You BOTH know me--ta-da! And, of course you are both in the Greater Boston exurbalopolis. From heartbreak's house to Nomi's is about an hour and 15 minutes, if you drive an old shitbox like I do.

democommie said...


Sorry, I meant to ask, in my previous post. Is my heterosexual bachelorhood still recognized in CT?

Nomi said...

democommie dear,

i think bachelor/spinsterhood is recognized everywhere, sigh.