Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Smoke filled rooms

Good Morning, Nomi and others:

I crossposted this from my house.

I went to a "Cigar Dinner" last evening with some friends. I do not smoke unless I am with one particular friend who smokes good cigars and is a great conversationalist. Going to the dinner was just a way to get together. I smoked one cigar and gave him the rest of my "goodies" bag to enjoy.

What was interesting is that of about 12 people there, there were two, maybe three democrats in the room (I'm an independent). No one there had a high opinion of either McCain or Palin. All said they would not be voting for him. If they were being honest, if they vote for Obama, or just don't vote at all, it would seem to me that Obama just might be able to win in November, in spite of all the shenanigans that the GOP has engaged in to make a "voting machine malfunction" produce their desired result.

While I don't know if the reptilicans could pull off a fraud of such staggering proportions, I have no doubt that Karl Rove, that toxic waste of human flesh, would attempt to do it.

I know it's hoping against hope that Obama, if he is elected, will begin the herculean task of righting what's wrong in so many aspects of the electoral process, but...

Another thing that I got from the folks at the dinner last night; to a person they pretty much despised Sarah Palin. They did not cringe when I told her that I had labelled her a "hooker". The woman is poison, to them.

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Nomi said...

Thanks, dear demo!

I have met only one person who likes Sarah Palin (she also likes W. and McCain...). She is a sweet person lacking in guile.

Rhode Island is, on the whole, not buying the crap.