Saturday, December 6, 2008

Prison Where Jason Ng Died Is Facing Inquiry and Will Get No More Immigrant Detainees

The Rhode Island facility is under investigation for its treatment of a Chinese computer engineer from New York who died in custody last summer.

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About four years ago, one of my clients was held at the Wyatt Detention Center. He was born in the U.S., but had collected benefits with two social security numbers. Federal benefits...I met him before and after his incarceration. He had AIDS and looked like Ichabod Crane, before being locked up. I mean before the client was locked up -- I don't think that was Mr. Crane's situation...My client sent me letters from Central Falls detailing the medical neglect and horrors visited upon him by some of the staff. Ironically, or not, the ones who helped him were other inmates, some of whom had been his associates on the streets. He was so frail...I forwarded his letters to his primary doctor and to his attorney...Thanks probably to their efforts or to ??? a H.P. ???, this colorful and fragile person was sent to a nursing home for part of his confinement...My last conversation with him was sheer serendipity: in the (now endangered) Smith Hill Library.

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