Friday, January 30, 2009

From Congressman Patrick Kennedy

Here it is:
Thank you for your email message. Hearing from Rhode Islanders and citizens across the country is important to me and I appreciate your taking the time to contact me with your thoughts and concerns.

For first district residents, I will reply to your correspondence as soon as possible via email or postal mail. Due to the high volume of correspondence and limited resources, I am regrettably unable to respond to out-of-state inquiries.

Finally, I hope you will make use of my House office website,, which may be helpful in addressing your concerns.

Once again, thank you for contacting me.


Patrick J. Kennedy
Member of Congress

I am a Rhode Islander from the Other District. We have two. The understanding in RI is generally, you never know when you (or the Rep) will move from one district to the other + there is always a possibility of redistricting...therefore he (it's rarely she) may represent me tomorrow...

Here is the letter I sent him:
Dear Congressman Kennedy and Colleagues,

Please sign this letter

Please update me as to your position on this matter.

I am aware of your presence at the prayer service in Providence recently and have read your comments.

This is a very urgent matter.

I am a Jew, but I am a human first, and lastly I live and vote in Rhode Island .

Thank you for your attention.

Nomi Hurwitz

Oy Vey. I found the statement thanks to the Jewish Voice and Herald.

Statement from Congressman Patrick J. Kennedy:
In the wake of the recent attacks by Hamas, Israel has no choice but to defend its people from
violence and extremism.
With daily rocket attacks against towns in Southern Israel, Hamas falsely believes it can use
terrorism and intimidation as a bargaining tool. Israel has every right to defend the safety and
security of its citizens from terrorist organizations like Hamas

That's all the document says. I almost wonder if someone was interrupted while writing it and forgot to finish it. If you have never visited this blog before, please visit Tikun Olam and
Brit Zedek v'Shalom and google Grace Paley and Middle East and those will give you some ideas of my sympathies.

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