Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pete Seeger Deserves A Nobel Peace Prize

There is a movement, or perhaps more than one, to recognize the Work towards Peace done by Pete Seeger. I doubt that he is pushing it, because he is usually promoting others and is one of the most unassuming men I've ever met.

Pete Seeger is 89 years old. He has a daughter in Rhode Island, so we are graced with his visits more than some.

Below is an excerpt of an email I received recently:

Dear Friends,

We DO have NEWS! Barbara Lee, Congressional Representative from the 9th District, California, has agreed to carry the nomination of Pete Seeger for the Nobel Peace Prize.

They want us to supply specific examples of how Pete participated in work for Peace, social justice, and environmental movements. Send any data you have even if it seems small in consideration to what most of us know of Pete’s long and committed work.

The deadline for the letter of nomination is Feb 1st, so they need data within the next few day, indeed the next few hours. Send to:

Pete Seeger Nomination

Rep. Barbara Lee (CA-09)

1301 Clay St., Ste. 1000-N

Oakland, CA 94612

510-763-0370 ext. 16

510-763-6538 (fax)


A few years ago, Pete and some friends came to Providence to sing and raise funds for Joyce Katzberg ( Happy Birthday, belatedly, Joyce). The concert was held in a big Baptist Church near Brown and RISD. Ethan was in kindergarten or first or second grade. I said to him; this may be the only time I force you to be in a church(he sat on the floor most of the time-- that was no problem). Bill Harley, Valerie Tutson, Paul Geremiah and many other local Lights were there. Pete and Tao Rodriguez Seeger performed near the end. I cried my eyes out the whole time. Pete Seeger's music has been part of my entire life; I was so grateful to be able to share it with Ethan.

A woman commented, as we were slowly leaving, that Tao reminded her enourmously of Pete in his younger days...

Please visit Dave von Eber for the video of Pete, Tao and oh yes, Bruce S. and a Young Choir singing on January 18, 2009.

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