Thursday, January 1, 2009

Rick Warren To Come Out 01/20/09? Or What's An Inauguration For?

Shana Tova, everyone! Feliz An~o Nuevo! Happy New Year! I had no internet for 3 days. Oy.

At a recent Chanuka party, Rick Warren was the topic briefly. Someone, I cannot recall which person, stated that the reason he will be giving the Invocation is that he will be Coming Out for the Occasion. (attempting to spell occasion is a challenge for me).

Rick Warren Proudly Sharing His True Identity With Millions? Isn't that a wonderful thought? Not that it would erase his history of oppression, unkindness, insensitivitity and judgement...but it would be a step in the (hemm, hemm) right direction.

My plan, in all seriousness, is to be in D.C. with Ethan on that day. Despite the lack of invitations to Balls, et cetera, I want to be there among the cheerful masses.

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Nancy Green said...

Nomi, I have linked to you, and if that happens I'll know I heard it from you first.