Sunday, January 4, 2009

Thoughts on Rick Warren Inauguration Prayer

I am fascinated that some people are in an uproar over Rick Warren offering the prayer at President-elect Obama's inauguration. This says a lot about the thinking of Mr. Obama. The fact that he can bring divergent ideas and people to participate in his swearing in ceremony as our 44th President shows me the bigness of his thinking. Mr. Obama is demonstrating that he wants to be the President for all of the people of the United States. I know Mr. Obama has offended some liberals in the gay and lesbian community. But on the other hand, he has offended some in the conservative Christian community who are unhappy with Pastor Joseph Lowery being a part of Mr. Obama's inauguration because he supports civil rights for gays and lesbians. People have been screaming for a new kind of America, and now that they are getting it, people are still unhappy. I think we all need to learn to tolerate each other just a little bit more in 2009. I believe it could be good for America and the world if we could all learn that lesson.

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