Monday, February 2, 2009

Jason (Hiu Lui) Ng's Cellmate And the Wyatt Detention Center (C.F., Rhode Island)

Marino De Los Santos has been making public his experience.

This story is being heard in Rhode Island, but I am not sure how widely it has spread.

I don't think many prisons have positive reputations for medical care or more broadly. compassion. There are doctors, nurses, mental health workers, and social workers I know who work in Locked "facilities". They know what they're doing and I respect them.
Prisons are one of the few growth industries that spring to my mind.

Whether private prisons are all that different from publically run ones, I do not know. My bias is in favor of the ones with unions and with the most transparency.

During my work with alcoholics and addicts, I heard many say, if it weren't for being locked up, they would have died. Others have told me the exact opposite.

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