Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jeffrey Goldberg's Head Explodes Again, Over Caryl Churchill's Gaza Play

Jeffrey Goldberg’s Head Explodes…Again, Over Caryl Churchill’s Gaza Play

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IM Small said...


Lord, as I crumple in defeat
Upon the waning battlefield,
Amongst such wastrel souls to meet
Demise without a fruitful yield--

Yet here and there, so I observe
Moments of triumph, few and fleeting
As there are some who hold their nerve
Despite the odds which us are beating.

So it was in Jerusalem
Haruki Murakami came,
To meet civilians, and to them
Art´s fictions true so to proclaim.

Thus Caryl Churchill too released
In honest words without a fee
Her breath of truth, and so appeased
The angels of humanity.

Before my little light expires,
Yet in defeat, I witness this:
There are some acts my soul admires
As I slide closer toward abyss.