Thursday, February 5, 2009

One Alabama-Rhode Island Connection and One Question

Dr. Lawrence Davenport is the new Executive Director and Academic Dean at Times Squared Academy in Providence. It's my son's school and I'm committed to supporting it and its mission.

I am a member of the PTO. Alas I miss more meetings than I attend, and I rely on conversations with parents, faculty, students and even Board members for information on the inner workings of the school.

OK, the Alabama connection is: Dr. Lawrence Davenport of Times2 was and is a candidate for a university presidency [thank you Anonymous!] in Alabama.

"A & M Prospect has other job"

I don't care if "presidentship" is not a word; it's staying in this post until someone sends me something better. [Feb. 5, 2009 about 20 to 1: I have changed my above sentence to include an existing word, "presidency"]

I've blogged about this on the Times2 Academy Blog

Friends(dang, I feel like John McCain for a moment), What do you think about this?


Anonymous said...

here you go - presidency

Nomi said...

Thanks, Anonymous.

I get so few comments (except for my lone troll) that I had no idea this error would elicit such a swift and helpful response.