Monday, February 16, 2009

Rhode Island Children Deserve Certified School Nurse-Teachers

The following is the text of a letter my son brought home:

February 12, 2009

Dear Parents & Guardians,

The Providence School Board is scheduled to layoff [sic]certified school nurse-teachers in anticipation of the passage of Article 23 in the Governor's supplemental budget proposal.

The Governor has proposed lowering the educational standards and requirements for school nurses. Nurses are now required to have a four year college degree, be registered by the state and in addition, certification by the Rhode Island Department of Education. On going [sic] education is required to renew school certification. Nurses must have years of nursing practice before being considered for a position.

Lowering the educational requirements could affect the health and well being of your school age students. Please take the time to contact members of your school board and request that the educational requirements for school nurses not be lowered.

Minimum requirements for nurses caring for your children should not be acceptable in the Providence Schools. There is nothing more important them the health and safety of your children. Please contact the: Providence School Board Members as soon as possible.

~~~~ ~~~~~~~ R. N.
School Nurse

Here is a link to the RI Certified School Nurse-Teachers.

I am not always a believer in the need for certifications; but this method of saving money is penny wise and pounds foolish.

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Nancy Green said...

School nurses see everything. They need education and experience. Trying to save money by hiring new or less educated nurses will cost--not in the long run, but as soon as a school child doesn't get the help they need, and they end up in the hospital and the state ends up liable.