Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Thank You, Anonymous: Grace Paley: Pressing the Limits of Action

One of the enormous joys of blogging, and the internet more broadly, is finding kindred spirits who may live far away, but who are so clearly connected to oneself and who inspire, encourage and challenge.

"Anonymous" left news of the above blog, Grace Paley: Pressing the Limits of Action.

Beth Schwartzapfel whose article is the post from yesterday happens to be my former neighbor, literally. I would find her walking her dog (dogs?) when she lived in Providence. Before that we met when she worked at Miriam Hospital (or for some of the doctors there) and I worked with people living with HIV and Hepatitis C (B, etc.).

Dear Anonymous, Thank you for letting me know about this wonderful site.
After I finish this post, I will add it to one of my blogrolls--either extended family or the list at the bottom. Also I will be promoting this blog on facebook or supporting its existing network.

My understanding is that Grace, herself, was not a big internet user, but perhaps I'm wrong. No matter, I believe she would support many actions on behalf of justice, peace, civil rights, libraries and Love.

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