Friday, March 27, 2009

The Golden Pez Award ~~

I try to visit Johnny Pez every day, but somehow missed notice of my uncontested victory.

Here's the announcement:

We have a winner!
My "pick the new New York Times wingnut" contest has come to an end with word that the Times has chosen Atlantic Monthly scold Ross "Dudley" Douthat to fill the seat recently vacated by legacy neocon Bill "William the Bloody" Kristol. The winning (and only) entry is Nomi Hurwitz' suggestion of Ann Coulter. Although Nomi didn't win the distinguished Platinum Pez Award by actually predicting Dudley's ascension to the Safire Chair of Punditry, her choice of Coulter is close enough to earn her the prized Golden Pez Award. She can pick up the award the next time she finds herself in Newport.

Many years ago, I had dinner with William Safire, and my great anxiety was over my grammatical, syntactical and idiomatic leanings. I feared any mistake or odd expression would end up in one of his Sunday columns in the NYT magazine.

Alas, I don't find myself in Newport often, but the opportunity to receive my award is enticing. Perhaps my son can take a photo.

I highly recommend Johnny Pez


Anonymous said...
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democommie said...


Not that an evening with Safire is in my future, but I would worry less about my grammar, syntax and delivery than the very real possibility that I might lunge across the table and choke the life out of the lying bastard. He impresses me almost as much as Dirtbag for Life, Bob Woodward--who is a total scumbag.


Richard said...

Great. Does this mean I have to de-friend Bob Woodward on my Facebook page. I'd hate to hurt his feelings.