Friday, March 6, 2009

Matt Jerzyk's New Blog!

Closing Argument: a blog on truth, justice, the law (and the politics in between)

Matt emailed a "heads up" to me and other RI bloggers:

i have started a new blog called "Closing Argument" that is going to focus on our three branches of government in RI, MA and the US as well as the politics that play out in between.

i intend Closing Argument to be more legal-based, intellectual and objective than my previous endeavor.

Matt is famous for founding the RIFuture website, for playing a pivotal role in organizing the Roger Williams Law School students, and (are you reading this?) for sharing a birthday with Marguerite Vigliani, Elizabeth(Betsy) Scharf and me.

Mazel Tov, Matt!


Nancy Green said...

sounds like a good addition to my daily blog list

Anonymous said...
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