Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's Diana Abu-Jaber's Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Diana Abu-Jaber!

A few years ago. pure serendipity led me to the fiction of Diana. First I read Crescent and then I read Origins.

They are two very distinct novels.

I would recommend the former to anyone who loves books with food, the Middle East, Anne Tyler, Barbara Kingsolver, immigration dynamics, university town experiences, mysteries and more...

I recommend Origins to a my friends who are passionate about mysteries, upstate New York, family histories....this one has a flavor of Nevada Barr and a hint of Stephen King.

Diana, I hope this doesn't offend you!

Today is Diana's Birthday! Thanks to facebook, I consider her a friend; I know more about her than I do about some of my cousins...whether we ever meet face to face is irrelevant...this is one of the joys of "social networking"...

So check out

I have read excerpts of the non-fiction and it is splendid stuff.

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SeattleDan said...

I've met Diana once, when Crescent came out. She's a very nice person. I also heard her read (this was several years ago) from her first novel, Arabian Jazz, which was much fun and entertaining. So Happy Birthday!