Friday, November 13, 2009

Spam Spam Spam Spam Oy Vey

Alas, this blog has been receiving increasing robotic sales and porn pitches. This would bother me less if the readership was also growing significantly.

Ironically, the spam seems to be drawn to one of Democommie's posts...

Once last year there was a spam comment that was so brief and polite that I decided to leave it in peace.

The current crop is lengthy and super-annoying. I have changed the comment moderation and hope that this is a deterrent.

My friend Dnaz has had the identical problem.


Nomi said...


Nancy Green said...

What a nuisance. Kmareka doesn't have that problem as far as I know, but I feel lonely there. People have the nerve to go out and do stuff instead of sitting and reading us. I think I'll invent a miracle weight loss scheme and see if that attracts attention. Sigh.

acuvue oasys said...

A friend of mine told me to just disable the HTML on the blog and that should fix it :)