Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Vigil Against the War: December 2

Yesterday, I received from the local chapter of the American Friends Service Committee the email below...

Action Alert: AFSC and many other groups have mobilized thousands of calls to the White House to
plead for no escalation and for an end to the occupation of Afghanistan. It appears that the President is not listening to the people and will indeed escalate the war. If that is the announcement made on Tuesday, there will be demonstrations across the country the following day. Please join us.

President Obama will not be going to West Point on Tuesday to announce the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan. Instead, it is widely anticipated that he will be doing his best to sell the escalation of the war to the U.S. people.

This will be a tragic moment in our history and for the future of our country, Afghanistan and other nations.

As even many leading figures in the Democratic Party recognize, the war and its escalation cannot make U.S. Americans safe. With the vast majority of Afghans alienated from the corrupt Karzai government and angered by the foreign military occupation, the war cannot bringing development, democracy, security, or women's rights to Afghanistan. It is killing Afghan civilians and U.S./NATO troops. It is stealing badly needed funds from housing, jobs, health care, and climate protection.

Call your Congressional Representative and Senators, who have the power to not fund what the President calls for, at 202-224-3121 or 202-225-3121. Tell them to demand

* A timeline for withdrawal of U.S./NATO forces
* No additional troops sent to Afghanistan
* Pursuit of talks with all parties to the conflict
* Provision of generous civilian-led development funds

President Obama will speak on TV at 8pm Tuesday night. Assuming that he will announce an escalation of troop levels, as predicted by the media, we will protest the next day, Wednesday, from 5-6 pm.

Providence: Burnside Park at the corner of Kennedy Plaza and Exchange Streets (the end toward the Post Office and Federal Court House).

Cape Cod: Gather at every town hall.

Bring candles, signs and your determination to insist on an end to the madness.

Martha Yager
PO Box 3692
S. Attleboro MA 02703

Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark. Rabindranath Tagore

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Nancy Green said...

It's hard to get my mind around it. I campaigned for this president, and he seems to be leading us deeper into a war we can't win.
I hope that we can end it and find another way to deal with violent extremist networks. You can't shoot an idea.