Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Few Words For CBS

There is a big football game approaching. Even people with football dyslexia, such as myself, are aware of it. I have often enjoyed the advertisements.

Oddly we have another controversy this year. Here is the text from an email I received:

The broadcast networks that air the Super Bowl have historically rejected advocacy ads. Yet CBS, which is airing the Super Bowl this year, has accepted an anti-choice ad by the ultra-conservative group Focus on the Family.

Focus on the Family's "celebrate life" (read: anti-choice) ad features Heisman Trophy-winning college football star Tim Tebow. And CBS approved this anti-choice ad, even though the network has repeatedly rejected advocacy ads in past years including a 2004 ad that went after then-President Bush's fiscal irresponsibility and an ad the same year from the United Church of Christ showing them welcoming a gay couple who had been turned away from another church. And they just rejected a comical ad from a gay dating site from this year's lineup of ads.

So to recap: CBS wouldn't allow a group to criticize Bush, wouldn't let a religious group promote its own tolerance of LGBT families and considers a light-hearted dating ad out of bounds. But CBS is perfectly happy to allow Focus on the Family to promote its conservative social agenda.

Join me in calling on CBS to kill the Focus on the Family ad before the Super Bowl on February 7!

Here's a comment by my friend, John Shuck.

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