Friday, February 19, 2010

Ninjanurse: Talking Back to Sarah Palin

The inimitable ninjanurse has written about a little (?) controversy:

I don’t watch Family Guy, because even though Seth MacFarlane is local, he seems to have been deeply affected by Garfield cartoons. I just can’t get past that. Sorry.

He’s also offensive. I watched part of one episode and it struck me as creepy-racist-misogynist and I only lasted a few minutes. Sorry– I can’t justify it in an argument, it was just an impression. Maybe I’m wrong. Just an opinion.

We don’t all think alike. Sarah Palin took a recent episode of Family Guy as a slam on people with Down Syndrome. Andrea Fay Friedman, the actress who did the voice for the cartoon character, thinks otherwise. She herself has Down Syndrome, but she is an adult and too large to carry around as a prop and old enough to speak for herself. So read what she says here.

You may agree with her or not, but it’s good to remember that people with Down Syndrome are not God’s innocent angels sent here to teach us something about life, but actual people who have their own lives to live. Trig Palin will grow up, and I hope he will have a good life. Sarah Palin better hope she doesn’t pick up the NYT some day and see a best-seller called, ‘Drafted–My Life on the Campaign Trail When Mommy Went Rogue’.

The ninjanurse writes frequently for Kmareka.

I have known this writer since 1982 or 1983. We worked at the same health center in Woonsocket for a time(in the late '80's and into the early Clinton period), and I cannot say enough good things about her heart and wisdom and the same for her husband who thinks the internet is a conspiracy not worthy of our energies.

The Huffington Post piece, which is linked to in her essay, has a link to a piece in the New York Times, which is also worthy. I particularly enjoyed the comments which I read some hours ago.

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