Saturday, April 10, 2010

Why Is Leonard Peltier in Danbury, Connecticut ?

Leonard Peltier is a political prisoner.

This sadly is not news. I first learned about this man in 1982 (or 81 or 83). Of course, it is likely more folks are aware of his situation outside of the US than inside, but that's part of the oppression.

Robert Meeropol of The Rosenberg Fund For Children has written a poignant piece about the importance of family reunions.

During the Rains of March and April in Rhode Island, I missed my Bubbe (grandmother) greatly. She never hesitated to pick up the phone and remind me to dress appropriately, and (more importantly) nurture my son carefully.

I think there are few connections more precious than the love between grandchildren and greatgrands (et al!) and their grandparents.


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