Thursday, November 25, 2010

Congratulations Clarice & Elmo & Marsha Z. West : 22 Years Ago

This week I have been feeling the spirit of Marsha Z. West and recalling her vivid performance in George Wolfe's The Colored Museum at The Providence Black Repertory Theater four years ago. Every moment of that production was transforming.

Only a trip to the hospital ( son's appendicitis ) prevented us from seeing the last night of that run which was the week before Thanksgiving...

I did one of my little searches for Marsha on the internet , and found a New York Times Article from 1988

If that link works, you'll find that Marsha and Clarice Laverne Thompson and Elmo Terry-Morgan all won Audelco Awards.

Surely George Houston Bass and Rhett S. Jones won Audelco Awards for their founding of Rites And Reason Theatre, and I will someday track that down. Rites and Reason was one of the best things at Brown when I was there.

As an undergraduate, I was simply in awe of these folks, and now meeting them and having been directed and instructed by them, my respect only grows. One day Ethan and I were leaving a PC Basketball game, and he spotted Elmo. It was such a sweet moment.

Happy Birthday, Elmo ! Ok, this is about 9 days late, but birthdays can be extended. Extended Family, Extended Birthday, Peace and Love.

Clarice's birthday is not that far off . . . so Early Happy Birthday to you, And Love to Everyone....

As Marsha said: "Smooches".

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