Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lt. Dan Choi is Speaking in Providence, RI Tonight !

I was slow to appreciate the horrors of Don't Ask Don't Tell in the U.S. military due to my deep belief that we need a much, much smaller military and essentially a retraining of the warriors.

My experiences, of passing as christian (usually accidentally), are not analogous to Passing as Straight, with or without duress.

Clearly, if any military bodies exist, then it is criminal to treat some of its membership as if they are "less than" for being gay.

This blog will always remember our neighbor, Ciara Durkin, who died in Afghanistan.

This blog supports the rights of people who are Questioning, Queer, Transgender, Lesbian,
Gay, Celibate, Bisexual . . .

Human Rights For All.

Dan Choi is providing the Opening Convocation for Asian American History Month at Brown University.

There is a slight chance that I might attend this, but I hope lots of folks are there and that Lt. Choi is given a standing ovation, or two ( perhaps more, why limit ourselves).

I hope some of the newly elected and the re-elected will find a way to listen to this man.

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