Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Three Cheers for the Westerly ( RI ) Friends' Meeting

The Friend | Conscientious objector denied status and told Quakers are a cult

I was an attender of the Providence Monthly Meeting of Friends for a long time. It is true that Quakerism defies easy description, but really isn't that true of all religious practices ?

Years ago I attended a conference on the African-American Church Response to AIDS. It was hosted by the Pond Street Baptist Church in Providence. The keynote speaker was Reverend Arlene Churn ( I hope I am not misspelling her name ) from southern New Jersey. I found her purely inspiring ( and funny and more ). One of my friends found her testimony to be lacking in Christianity.

I don't know Michael Izbicki, but I have known lots of Quakers. Most of them believed in Christ in one way or another. Not all. The history of Quakerism as a Protestant sect is very clear.

George Fox used to hit people with Bibles on occasion ! Of course, he was not received with great love by many Christians at the time.

I think the Conscientious Objector route is never easy and that any one seeking that status deserves respect.

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Don Durito said...

Quakerism as a cult? Man, that's rich. Definitely part of the Protestant tradition.