Saturday, December 18, 2010

Have You Seen Nathan Horowitz ? ~ updated ~

He is a soldier with ties to Rhode Island.

His sister posted the following on facebook:


Last seen late Monday night in Fayetteville, North Carolina around Fort Bragg

Drives a 1997 black honda accord with Rhode Island license plates

If you have ANY information please contact the Fayetteville missing persons department or call 401-499-9853, 401-450-1564 or 425-286-3510

Here is the link to the facebook page created for him.

UPDATE on 12/20: Nate's mother reports simply, "He is alive."

Update on January 5: The facebook page link leads me to my homepage, and I think the page no longer exists. Oddly enough, one person posted a succession of "helpful" suggestions which were sardonic and critical of the efforts at best. Mostly there were comments by people, like myself, with only tangential connections to Nate or his relatives, wishing for a peaceful and quick family reunion....

Nate's relatives expressed gratitude for all the prayers and caring thoughts and efforts....


Nancy Green said...

I hope we'll soon hear that he's alive and well.

spectral_ev said...

glad that one turned out okay.