Wednesday, January 5, 2011

RI's new Gov. Chafee Lifts Executive Order on Immigration

Update: Chafee lifts executive order on illegal immigration

I received an email suggesting that the State Police ( or a select group of them ) would continue to work with the Deportation Police ( why call them I.C.E. or I. N. S. or anything other than police or military). That would be horrible news.

All this anger and fear of immigrants really frightens me. This is such a big country; we have so much room and wealth.

I wonder about my father's parents who became residents (perhaps citizens) of Germany, but were born in Poland and Latvia. My Oma also lived in New York at one point in her life.
When my parents were looking for an apartment in Manhattan, she was living in Tel Aviv. The story is that she wrote (called?) friends in New York, who found the place . . .

My father's father left a shtetl to go to medical school in Berlin. Where he studied before that I have no idea. Did he travel or sojourn in other countries before Germany ?

When they went to Palestine in 1933, what papers did they bring ? My grandmother's sister, and my (toddler!) father were with them.

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Nancy Green said...

thanks, Nomi. I hope you write more about your family, this story is so important.