Thursday, January 27, 2011

Solidarity with Rhode Island Janitors

Here's a little history:

In 2007, the Justice for Janitors campaign spread beyond Providence, and contracted Amica janitors in Lincoln went on strike for fair treatment and a voice on the job. Their courage, your support, and Amica’s intervention opened the door for hundreds of Rhode Island contracted janitors outside of Providence to get a voice on the job and better working conditions. 
Now, Amica is dishonoring the sacrifice of those contracted janitors by bringing in Martins Maintenance, which has already demonstrated its inhumane and repressive treatment of workers, and has made no effort to hire the long-time Amica subcontracted janitors. Come join us on Thursday to remind Amica that their courageous contracted janitors deserve to work for a responsible contractor that will retain them at the site and will honor the standards they have sacrificed so much for.

That's copied directly from the Rhode Island Jobs With Justice website.

N.B. Most of this blog's visitors do not live in RI or even New England, so please consider visiting the RI Jobs With Justice facebook page (the link is on the above site) or spreading the word to your friends and readers....

My friends, whose spirits and memories inspire this blog, would be supportive, I believe. Grace Paley and Rhett Jones and Harold Rogovin: definitely. Marsha Z. West, I am a tiny bit less sure of, but I think very likely, yes.

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Nancy Green said...

thanks for posting this. often the most essential work is the least appreciated.